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Call Answered | Thomas Armstrong-Robley

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

By Call Me Adam | Entertainment Journalist & Broadcaster

We launch our new blog as entertainment journalist and media personality 'Call Me Adam' stops by to interview Thomas.

Thomas Armstrong-Robley is an international sensation. He has performed all over the world; from concert halls to cruise ships, from London to Australia to the US. He has sung some of the most iconic songs of our time from Phantom of the Opera and Grease to the music of Frankie Valli and Frank Sinatra.

I did not meet Thomas during one of his many performances. I met Thomas in a Zoom class to teach artists how to thrive in between gigs. Taught by Broadway star James Barbour, this course is just what I needed during these trying times. Thomas & I instantly connected and we have been meeting weekly outside of class discussing ways we both can thrive together as well as separately.

Since becoming friends, I have gotten the chance to listen to Thomas sing and what a voice he has! Thomas is a very talented singer. He is also a fellow-podcaster and conducts some amazing interviews on his podcast Thomas Armstrong-Robley's Midnight Rodeo.

Thomas is busy producing some great episodes for his podcast as well as a few other projects. Keep your eyes out as he announces these releases.

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Thomas Armstrong-Robley performs for guests of Norwegian Spirit (NCL Cruise Line)

1. You were born in England and raised in Australia, eventually moving back to Europe where you were born. How do you feel this multi-country living prepared you for where you are now in life? I think moving a lot as a kid and in particular moving overseas is a big key to my preparedness for international living and a travel schedule which can at times be rigorous. Leaving behind such a huge part of my life and some incredibly important people when I was 8 really helped me cope with goodbyes in later life. As a result, I don’t get homesick or attached to a physical location in the same way others do.

2. What do you miss most about living in Australia? Australia is a funny one...I love it as it laid an incredible foundation for a fulfilling career and life but there are parts of it which frustrate me (the Arts industry for example). I have so many incredible friends and family in Australia but everyone knows I’m a mommas boy...so it’s gotta be my mum.

3. You are a singer, actor, director, producer, and podcaster.

How do you think your stage performances & podcasting help you behind the scenes as a producer/director? One thing I’ve always strived for in my career is empathy. I set out on this journey to perform and perform alone but learnt very early to never say no to an opportunity without at least considering it. Soon enough I realised that trying various roles, helping build sets, programming lights, sourcing props, writing press releases or whatever else makes me a more understanding and more well-rounded creative. It doesn’t mean I have all the answers but it does help me ask the right questions and find the right sources of information.

Then, on the flip side, how does your directing/producing strengthen your stage performance and podcast? Certainly respect is a big factor! So often I’ve seen performers...particularly inexperienced or young ones disrespect a producer or director, totally unaware of how much work they do. Being on both sides has allowed me to forge better relationships and thus better performances or projects. The directing and producing has also helped me in creating a podcast, I balance segments and pace episodes like I was directing a show. 

4. Since your podcast is called Midnight Rodeo, who is one person you'd like to ride a mechanical bull with? While I could easily pick a celebrity for this one, I must honour the humble beginnings of this show and the man who is equally responsible for its title. I will be riding the bull with Walker Brown (who is an unbelievably talented dancer from Texas I met while performing on Norwegian Cruise Lines.)

5. What have you learned about yourself during this time at home? 2020 has been a whirlwind...from the highest of highs to something resembling purgatory, I can’t pretend there hasn’t been a rollercoaster of emotions going on. While I’d love to continue travelling or be back on stage, I have had the wonderful opportunity to interview and network with some unreal artists. The biggest lesson I gained from these conversations was “ask what you can do for someone, rather than what they can do for you...”

6. What are some hobbies you have outside of your performing life? I love to cook! Perhaps it’s because a life on the road doesn’t lend itself to much time in the kitchen. I’m also a huge professional wrestling fan and have been since I was very young. If I get my way, I will be a villainous wrestling manager before my career is all said and done.

7. You have a tribute show to both Frankie Valli & Frank Sinatra called Live at Frankie's

Playing off of Frank Sinatra's song, "Fly Me To The Moon," what do you think you would discover or do if you flew to the moon? I think I’d find I’d lost some weight

Using Frankie Valli's song "My Eyes Adored You," who is somebody you miss having your eyes adore? Time to get deep for a second. I honestly think in my life, there have been a few relationships, both friendships and romances that have expired or been lost due to me leaving the country or otherwise. There have been times where you could think back and wonder whether that was “the one that got away” and while by my nature, I don’t dwell on it, it is a curious thing. So while I don’t miss one particular person, I do often think fondly upon some of the people whose I’ve lost contact with over the years for various reasons.

8. Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite donut? Original Glazed Krispy Kreme 

Favourite cereal? Golden Nuggets

Favourite ice cream flavour? Baskin Robbins Caramel Turtle Truffle 

Elphaba or Glinda? Glinda 

Dolly Levi or Momma Rose? Phantom of the Opera

Go to Karaoke song? I Believe In A Thing Called Love: The Darkness

Go to Emoji when texting? 😂

Boxers or Briefs? Boxers 

10. If you could bare it all and reveal something about yourself that we didn't get to cover in this interview, what would you share with me today? I’d tell you why I dropped out of uni...

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