• Keegan Featherstone


Updated: Nov 15, 2020

By Keegan Featherstone | Cruise & Cabaret Performer

Keegan Featherstone is a globetrotting performer who has travelled all over the world entertaining crowds on cruise ships, in theatres and at hotels. Now he stops by 'The Platform' to share his experience and passion with fellow artists and implore his peers to step up during the current Arts crisis.

Despite current circumstances, you're still a performer, still an artist and above all else, you’re still an entertainer. In today’s global climate we face our greatest struggle yet. That struggle we face is support. We need support from all avenues and from all walks of life. In my opinion, we can all start off by supporting each other, much more than we already are.

I’ve worked in different jobs throughout the years within the wider entertainment industry, many of them being scrutinised for not being “west end” standard. First things first, this mental brainwashing needs to end. For my money, all performance related jobs within the industry are a "success". These “stepping stone jobs” are a career for those people who enjoy that sector and it doesn’t deserve to be demoralised because some decide it has a bad reputation. So often, raw talent is discovered at hotels, holiday parks, on summer contracts abroad and at places elitist performers wouldn’t even look twice at. We are all performers who want to have fun within our jobs and entertain to the best of our ability so support your friends who work at these places even if you wouldn't. Some of these jobs are the foundation of a performers resilience, determination and self taught professionalism. All important factors that contribute towards helping people achieve their personal dreams.

You can also support your friends through social media and by networking. Facebook is filled with a multitude of groups, each posting hundreds of job listings each month, no matter where in the world you are. It takes less than 5 seconds to “@“ your friends name and let them know that you think they would be great for a particular job. Get on Twitter, Instagram and share their work, like their content and support their journey.

To those who have mental health struggles, support them above all others. We all understand the fear of auditions. We have all asked the question “am I good enough?” or “should I still be performing?”

The answer to both questions is an emphatic yes!

You are good enough and you absolutely should still be performing. I suggest taking 5 minutes out of your day to check out someone who is creating their own music, dance or whatever it may be. Give them a compliment, boost the morale of that person and watch that energy return to you tenfold. Nothing is more powerful than kindness and respect.

Everything starts at home though so support your local performers. Those people who are performing in amateur dramatics, busking on the high street, running workshops, online classes and often working day jobs to make ends meet. Everyone, everywhere is talented in their own way. It’s time we start hitting that share button, reaching into our pockets more often or simply taking the time out of your day to appreciate someones art that little bit more.

Support each other my friends and support yourself. You are doing the best you can do in a unique and tough set of circumstances. But despite the odds, never stop performing and never think your not good enough.

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