secrets of a

show business


In March 2020, the entertainment industry was at a stand-still. Theatre’s shutdown, tours cancelled and hundreds of thousands of creatives left unemployed and with uncertain futures ahead.


That same month, a month that was the worst for so many, I made over $25,000.00 as a self-employed freelance entertainer. This left me asking myself a massive question. Why me?

In my opinion, this isn’t a question we ask enough but one we should ask more regularly. The fact is, you probably don’t realise how many things are uniquely you and how many unbelievably helpful tools you have at your disposal right this second, just waiting to be discovered. 

I’m going to teach you identify to find your brand, unleash your raw potential and go from “just another aspiring artist” to an “impactful, valuable show-business professional” that clients would pay for.


By demanding honesty, encouraging quality, asking BIG questions and revealing BIG answers that I have uncovered and utilised during my own career in the entertainment industry, a fulfilling professional journey which has taken me to over 35 countries around the world.

These are not my words alone either! Over the years I have had the great honour of performing with, interviewing and working alongside Broadway & West End Actors, Emmy Award Nominees, Directors, Producers, Agents, Film Executives, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Broadcasters and more. This network of successful professionals have been so giving with their advice and helped shape the foundation of this course. Now it's time to share those secrets and take your next step in this wild and wonderful industry!